29 Nov 2008

musical morons...

I love them.. people who, despite the plethora of channels available to them, still listen to what the charts and xfactor tell them (that'll be American / Canadian Idol for you lot in North America).

Point in case is this divot who has, through some heavenly stroke of genius, shared his iTunes setting for a ' Perfect Eq'.. ... sigh...

Anyway, on the subject of non-crap related music, I thought I'd offer a little minimal tech house number I put together too long ago to mention. Have a squizz and enjoy (along with your vice of choice) Spacedboy - Brad 212 Finlay

Well I've decided to take it back into the studio and actually finish it off... watch this space..

20 Nov 2008


While I'm still really new to illustrator, I love using it (although a liberal dose of swearing usually coincides).

Having been given the word 'Fierce' and ask to illustrate it, I thought i'd bust out the old pencilstick and have a crack at drawing it first. not too bad i guess, and after a bit of live tracing in AI.. presto.. Still working out the pathfinder though so any tips on this are much appreciated..

18 Nov 2008

B&W Photos

I managed to snap this while waiting outside a shop in Toronto. This chick was trying to get from the front door to her mates car in the parking lot without getting soaked. I love black and white photos cause the high contrast seems to capture the moment better than the colour variety.

In doing reserch for a uni project, I studied some of David Bailey's work. He's an absolute legend who made his name shooting the A-list of the 1960s. Here is just a taster of some of the kind of thing I love about him. Jean Shrimpton, Michael Cane and a sexy mystery girl

A Pic

Some friends of mine being conned into buying roses

15 Nov 2008

Turban Tom

My mate, Turban Tom who runs a cab firm..

Typography is wikkid, innit

Brief: Using 8 or more words, using only typorgraphy, convey a message of somekind.

I decided to screen print mine once I found a sufficiently beaten up piece of wood. (I also put it in the bath for a while.. to give it some water damage )

A typeface i'm working on

A B/W Image about Design

The brief was to create a 200mm square black and white image conveying what we liked about design


ATAT... struttin'