21 Feb 2009

16 Feb 2009

We were asked to create our own typeface, based around an object. Having finished a mullers corner (with the little chocolate chunks.. delish) I made even better use of the spoon I was left with.

I call it the Amy Wineface, for her experience with bending spoons is probably greater than most.


Inspired by monstrous tooth ache, I decided to focus my data project on pain killer dosages and strengths etc. To indicate pain, I recorded myself screaming at three different levels and used the sound wave.

Have a look

Book Covers

Finally, after far too many weeks of distraction (moved house) I've found the time to work on my book covers. With V and Brave New World, I wanted to incorporate some hand drawn elements, as that is my weakest area. So, notice the little illustration that I've traced in AI - the Pen indeed is a mighty tool